A jQuery Intro

Writing bespoke jQuery is an important skill for designers and developers alike.  Suitable for designers, UX'ers, Account Managers, Front End Developers & Backend Developers, A jQuery Intro is for those with little or no knowledge of writing jQuery from scratch. If you’ve never written a line of jQuery, or you’ve only ever installed plugins and hacked the odd setting, this is for you.

What people think
I've run this workshop 4 times now and each time I've received great feedback:

"Beforehand jQuery seemed like this scary mind-blowing framework, when infact once you dive in to dealing with even the basics it becomes so much more clear and understandable, especially for a beginner like myself."

"I thought the structure of the tasks (i.e. having a working file and a solution file) worked really well during the workshop and it means I can attempt the tasks that I didn't finish on my own. "

"Overall I found the course to be extremely helpful. I don't have any complaints about the general running of the course/tasks/help&support etc, that was excellent."

What's Included

A jQuery intro will cover:

* Simple JavaScript debugging, jQuery selectors, events, get and set methods and variables
* A simple jQuery tab system
* A simple jQuery accordian system
* Animations
* A slideshow

The training does not cover (though I am open to adapting it):

* Vanilla JavaScript, other libraries or object orientated javaScript
* jQuery plugin development


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