Running Lean Workshop

Learn How-to Apply Lean Startup Techniques to your Product and Raise Your Odds of Success

Workshop Overview
Most products fail. Not because they fail to launch what they set out to build, but because they waste time building the wrong product. 

At the workshop, you'll learn a systematic methodology that raises your odds of buiding successful products. 

Running Lean was developed through rigorous testing of Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Bootstrapping techniques, and has been successfully applied to dozens of products ranging from b2c, enterprise, clean tech, and no tech products. 

What you'll learn
*       How do I find problems worth solving?
*       How do I document my business model?
*       How do I find early customers?
*       How do I systematically test my business model?
*       How do I build and measure what customers want?

This workshop includes a copy of Ash Maurya’s book: Running Lean and early-access to the companion business model validation tool: Lean Canvas.

Who should attend
Anyone involved with bringing new products to market will benefit from this workshop:
*       Entrepreneurs
*       Builders - software developers, engineers.
*       Designers
*       Marketers
*       Product Owners - 
product/project managers

Workshop schedule

9:00am      Coffee, tea, and bagels
9:30am      Running Lean Overview
11:00am    Part 1: Document your plan A
                   Learn how to document your business model
12:00pm    Catered lunch
1:30pm      Part 2: Identify the riskiest parts of your plan
                   Learn how to identify risks and prioritize what matters
3:30pm      Short coffee break
4:00pm      Part 3: Systematically test your plan
                   Learn how to run effective experiments 
5:00pm      Workshops ends 

Presenter: Ash Maurya, founder of Spark59, author of Running Lean

Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya) is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice out there for entrepreneurs. He challenges the notion that start-ups should plan based on gut, intuition and luck. Instead he applies a systematic process for rigorously stress testing your “Plan A” until you achieve a plan that works.

Since bootstrapping his last company seven years ago, he has launched several products and one peer-to-web application framework. He has been rigorously applying customer development and lean start-up techniques to his products, which he frequently writes about on his blog (

Fantastic real world insights from Ash. Brought together some great concepts I have been studying into a simple implementable process without being too rigid or promising silver bullets." - Andrew Kemp

 This workshop finally pieced together all the steps to go from idea to market and beyond. Ash was an excellent speaker and really wanted to get his message delivered.” 
– Janaka Fernando


Save yourself months of wasted effort and the frustration building something nobody wants by learning how to take the right action at the right time.


Attendance is limited. 

Make it happen!