Pusher Realtime Web Workshop

Realtime web applications represent the next evolution in the progression of the web. The benefits of realtime are realized by a more engaging and interactive experience for application users. In this workshop we'll cover some realtime web fundamentals and gain understanding of just how easy it is to add realtime functionality to web and mobile applications. For the workshop we'll use Pusher, a hosted service, but the techniques and principles apply to many other realtime web technologies.


Workshop length:

Around 3 hours including a 15- 30 minute break


Workshop details:

A basic realtime web overview

What is the realtime web and a brief overview of the technologies

How are these technologies being used? Use cases and examples.

Getting connected

Getting connected to a realtime web service


Subscribing to realtime data and the tooling available to help you debug your subscription.


Publishing data: Client/server considerations and tooling.

Authentication and Security

User authentication with private channels.

Client events

Client events: Publishing information directly on the WebSocket connection to other users.



The workshop venue must provide good Internet connectivity to all attendees

A good understanding of HTML

Some exposure to JavaScript e.g. used jQuery to add some functionality to a web application

A laptop with a modern web browser

Make it happen!