Business Models: the path from design to execution


Having an excellent product or service is not enough anymore. In a time where uncertainty is the only sure thing on businesses, being able to differentiate with innovative & profitable approaches is the only way to succeed.

One of the key assets we can leverage to reach this goal is our business model… but what should be taken into account to design a business model that is able to really transform an entire market?. And most important, ¿what should we do to execute this model in a fast and agile way, getting early insights from our customer to decide it we’re on the right track?

In this 1-day hands-on workshop we’ll learn with real-world cases and examples the key elements we should take into account to design an innovative and profitable business model and bring it to market, using a truly practical methodology that will guide you on the steps need to transform an idea to a profitable business model in a fast an inexpensive way.

Languages: Spanish / English


  • ¿How to decide if you’ve found a problem worth solving?
  • ¿Is there a customer market behind your idea?
  • ¿What are our options to design a profitable income strategy and wich should you choose?
  • ¿How and when to decide if we’ve found a correct business model?
  • ¿How can we validate our business model financials?
  • ¿Where should I begin to execute the model and how to measure it’s performance?
  • ¿What tools should I use on each step?


People that want to know a different, more agile and fast way to create and bring to market innovative business models, and generally speaking, everyone who is not satisfied with the traditional “business plan -> design -> execution -> test in the market” cycle and feels that there must be other way:

  • Entrepreneurs that are launching a new adventure
  • Startup founders that want to know how to untap the potential of the market
  • Managers of established companies that want to know how to transform their current business model
  • Intrapreneurs working from inside the company to leverage it’s hidden potential


09:00 Welcome and coffe
09:30 Introduction to Business Models
10:00 Key points to take into account when creating your business model

11:00 Coffee*

11:30 Customers: How can we intimate with them, understand their real needs and create a winning value prop?
12:00 Income: How to decide if yours is a profitable and sustainable business model?
13:00 Prioritizing execution: What to do when and where to start from?

14:00 Lunch*

15:00 Validation: How to bring the model to the market getting feedback from day 1
17:00 Métrics: How to understand, measure and adapt the model to the evolution of your market? (funnels & metrics)
18:30 End of workshop

* Lunch & coffees included


Javier Megias Javier Megias is a renowned strategy and business model expert, passionated about startups and entrepreneurship. He is also board member on several startups, and has held several positions on different companies, ranging from SME’s to global companies. He actually works as independent startup mentor, artisan consultant and professional speaker, what he combines with his angel investment activities.


Javier also writes on the blog, winner of the 2011 award to the best business spanish-speaking blog of the world

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