Lean Startup and Business Model Intensive

A full-day, hands-on bootcamp taught by Salim Virani (@SaintSal) and Rob Fitzpatrick (@robfitz)


Lean Startup
Learn about the management techniques which have been used by some of the most successful Silicon Valley startups recently. We'll guide you through creating your "learning loop" to validate your business idea in small chunks, and set you up with a lightweight "Kanban" system to do that faster with limited time.

Choosing the right business model 

Getting started with the right business model can be a make-or-break difference when you're launching part-time. Learn how to understand, assess and design your business model so that it's more likely to succeed at the difficult early stages.

Sources of fast, traction techniques

Quick sources for customer interview techniques, customer acquisition, landing page design, cashflow management & sources of free/cheap tools. You'll have a better idea of where to turn – what approaches are relevant for what contexts – to stop you from spinning your wheels. 


 ❝Turned high-level theory into practice quickly.❞

 ❝Loads of useful tools. Demystification of startups - which gives more confidence.❞

 ❝I have a clear vision of the next steps that need to be completed.❞


Learn more at: http://foundercentric.com/fday

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