Noah Kagan

Have you ever heard about Noah Kagan?

He is the Chief Sumo @ and has quite the start-up resume. He was employee #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint, had previously worked for Intel and had turned down a six-figure offer from Yahoo. Learn more about him on: or just Google his name!

So many smart people fail at making a profitable business even though they've read books, bought courses, blogs, etc... Noah is here to eradicate that! He have just created a great community - course focused on: How To Make Your First Dollar?? It is a great success!

Bring Noah to your city! Just organize a workshop, grab some burritos and enjoy the show. He can share great tips, ideas and experiences on: How to validate a business? How to Hire a Great Marketing Person? How to Make Your Customers Orgasm? 

Let's begin by knowing who could be interested in meeting Noah and then let's finish with the boring stuff (pay Noah's flight, get a venue, define an agenda...)

Make it happen!