The Art of Cucumber
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This is a 1 day hands on training event with a mixture of talks and interactive hacking. We will cover:

  • Module 1: Cucumber basics and Cucumber advanced functionality
    Learn everything you need to start using Cucumber and uncover some of the less well known features. Covering the full DSL of Cucumber
  • Module 2: Where does Cucumber fit in the software life cycle.
    Examples from of how Cucumber can fit into software development. Looking at real examples, following a feature from inception to delivery. Covering such areas as root value analysis, feature injection, brain storming examples, picking exemplars of behaviour, pairing on Cukes and getting people to read Cukes.
  • Module 3: Cucumber Patterns from the trenches
    This is the hard part of Cucumber, knowing how to scale a large set of features and what patterns can help you. We will look at patterns around providing better separation of the UI, reducing the maintenance burden of step definitions, help balance different levels of abstraction and many more. Also looking at some of the advanced tooling around Cucumber like Limited-red, Relish and Cucumber IDEs.


Joe - I found the workshop a wonderful hands on experience, especially since I am new to the Cucumber world. Thanks for a great job.
As a non programmer the second half of the day was way over my head. The first half however was worth the time and cost. You might consider splitting the course into 2 paths in the future.
Got a whole lot out of it, especially loved learning about how you create an internal DSL for your cucumber, and how you setup different feedback loops in your project. however, i feel like that part of the presentation could have benefited from more slides / explanation, less live coding. All in all, great work, would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn cucumber or level up on it.
This was a very useful course. I walked away with all my Cucumber questioned answered and was able to move forward with Cucumber in my current project. I liked the pace, which although adjusted nicely to the group, was fast and maximized the days investment. Joseph is knowledgeable in the Rails stack, and imparted information beyond the syllabus.

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