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What will I learn?

In Vim, we can duplicate a line from normal mode, insert mode, or with an Ex command. But which is best?

In this masterclass, we’ll work through a series of exercises, finding at least two solutions to every problem. In response to the question “which is best?” we’ll see that the answer is always: “it depends”.

Vim is optimized for repetition. We’ll study a few examples of how to use the dot command to repeat the last change. Then we’ll develop a strategy for composing repeatable changes, and meet the optimal Dot Formula: a two step solution with a thousand uses.

To level the playing field, we’ll be using bare Vim (not vi - we’re not savages). You’ll be asked to leave your .vimrc at the door.

The material is presented as a series of interactive lessons, picking up where the Vimtutor left off. It will tie in with my upcoming book, Practical Vim.

Is it for me?

This workshop is not for the Vim novice. It is assumed that you are at least familiar with the basics. Nor is it for the Vim master. If you already use the :normal Ex command daily, and compose recursive macro quines for fun, then I can’t promise to teach you anything new.

This workshop is aimed at the intermediate user. Come and see how Vim can blow your mind (or your money back).


I loved the interaction with the attendees (and attendee-driven workflow), and the difficulty level was just right. The GlenDronach twist was grand. :) It’d be great if there was a centralised place for the knowledge we end up learning (and the things you were writing on the blackboard). Good luck with the last stretch for ‘Practical Vim’!
Totaly worth it. During 3 hours I learned things I didn't know exist in vim, and now I'm much more effective every day.
The Vimcasts workshop won't teach you shallow VIM tricks - that you can find online. Instead Drew reveals epiphany after VIM epiphany. You'll learn how the visual, normal and ex mode intersect and how they can be tamed into doing your will. You'll leave the workshop with a pattern language for constructing elegant and robust text operations -- or magic if you prefer. Drew was an articulate teacher and he effortlessly illuminated subtle distinctions that had eluded me during a previous year of full time VIM usage. All in all well worth the time and money. -- @jackkinsella, Hackerpreneur OxbridgeNotes

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